DIY Cowgirl Life

So, I have this theory …

A theory that we can have everything in life we want, exactly how we want it. All that’s required on our part is that we sincerely believe that statement is true, and make the small choices each and every day that move us closer to the person we want to be, the life we want to live, the best possible version of our own adventure. I’ve had this little theory for about forever.

I’ve had this blog for about FOREVER. And, I’ve brought it in and out of existence in various incarnations since 2009. It’s purpose changed over those years just like my own purpose. My perfectionist nature would just never really let me settle in because it was so messy, you know, like life.

Then, as my creative mess maker dabbled joyfully in social media creating a couple of Instagram accounts dedicated to personal style (@CowgirlStyleDiaries) and home decor (@RanchHouseDiaries), as well as, a project to connect and promote successful women in the western industry called Women in Western … well it got messy.

But, I’ve decided it’s past time to embrace the mess, share the experiment and tap a few awesome, like-minded ladies to weigh in along the way. Bringing together all the little pieces under one roof, at my original little corner of the internet at This Cowgirl Life. Which brings me back to my little theory as mentioned above …

Consider This Cowgirl Life a DIY experiment in designing the ultimate life out west, bringing your Pinterest life off the screen and into your home, closet, career and relationships. Follow along with me as I tenaciously make messes in the name of having it all.

Of course, I don’t even pretend that I have all the answers or am the expert in any given area … except the mess making part (seriously, just ask my mom!); so you can count on me to be calling on those who know WAY more than I do to help us all along the way.

Care to follow along?

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  • Reply Kay May 17, 2017 at 7:57 pm

    I have always felt that “the magic is in the mess!”…so …….carry on!!!

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